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Understanding Chemistry of Fatty Acids #biochemistry #fattyacids #ipumusings

Understanding Chemistry of Fatty AcidsAuthor: Tanuj HandaWhat are fatty acids?Fatty acids are carboxylic acids with hydrocarbon chains (–CH₂–CH₂–CH₂–) and represented by a chemical formu

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Understanding Chemistry of Lipids #biochemistry #lipids

Understanding Chemistry of LipidsAuthor: Tanuj HandaWhat are Lipids?Bloor defines lipids as a collection of naturally existing molecules that include higher fatty acids- their naturally occurring comp

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Adulteration of Dietary Supplements #ipumusings #dietsupplments #adulteration #biochemistry

Adulteration of Dietary SupplementsAuthor: Manyata GuptaIntroductionAdulteration of a dietary supplement occurs when it presents a massive or unreasonable threat of contamination or harm when utilized

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POTTERY: DIRECT EVIDENCE OF LIFE (#ceramics)(#chemistry)(#ipumusings)

POTTERY: DIRECT EVIDENCE OF LIFEAuthor: Anushka SinghABSTRACT The earth is strewn with fossil remains of extinct species. Pottery in an archaeological context most often concerns the fragments- o

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Precision Medicine: New Era of Health Care (#medicine)(#health)(#biochemistry)(#ipumusings)(#eduvictors)

Precision Medicine: New Era of Health CareAuthor: Ridhi BhatAbstract:Although the term precision medicine is relatively recent- this idea has played a big role in the field of health care for man

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