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1. Discrete Mathematics

Trees vs Graphs

2. Programming in C

End Term Paper (2015)

3.  Principles and Practices Of Management

End Term Question Paper (2015)
System Approach vs Contingency Approach

4. Computer Organization

End Term Question Paper (2015)
Types of Computer
Generations Of Computers
End Term Paper (2015-16)

5. Communication Skills

Who Is The Audience?
Attributes of Spoken and Written Communication

Semester 2

1. Data and File Structure

Assignment: Check Sparse Matrix
Abstract Data Type (Q & A)
Data Structure Notes (Part 1) - Trees
Data Structures Notes (Part 2) - Trees
Data Structures Notes (Part 3) - Trees
Data Structures Notes (Part 4) - AVL Trees
Data Structure Notes )Part 5) - Heap and Its Implementation
Data and File Structure - End Term Paper (2016)
Stack, Queues, Lists - Question Bank (Set 1)

2. Object-Oriented Programming In C++

 OOPS C++ End Term Paper (2016)
Structured Programming vs Object-Oriented Programming

3. Operating System

   OS End Term Paper (2016)
   OS End Term Paper (2014)
   Useful Linux Commands
   Operating Systems - Short Questions and Answers

4. Database Management System

   DBMS End Term Paper (2016)
   DBMS (Introduction Q & A)
   DBMS (Acronyms DSL, DCL, DML) Q & A

5. Software Engineering

Software engineering encompasses a process, management techniques, technical methods, and the use of tools to develop software. It provides the specification, development, management, and evolution of software systems, not constrained by materials governed by physical laws or manufacturing processes.

    SE End Term Paper (2016)
    SE End Term Paper (2015)
    Software Configuration Management (Basic Terms)
    Software Metrics (Study Notes)
    Software Cost Estimation
    Black Box vs White Box Testing

Semester 3


Semester 4

1. Computer Graphics and Multimedia Technologies

Parallel Projections vs Perspective Projections
Numericals on Transformations
Hidden Surface Removal Method
Raster Scan vs Random Scan
Cavalier vs Cabinet Projections

2. Design and Analysis Of Algorithms

 Understanding Algorithm Analysis and Complexity

3. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

The objective of the course is to give students a detailed understanding of processes and techniques for building large object-oriented software systems. To develop skills to evolve object-oriented systems from the analysis, to design, to implement and to understand most of the major object-oriented technologies including basic OO concepts, processes, languages, databases, user interfaces, frameworks, and design patterns.

OOAD End Term Paper (2016)

4. Data Warehousing / Data Mining and Business Intelligence
1. Data Preparation (Questions and Answers)


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Python Basics

 Python Programming Basics (MCQs) - YouTube Video
 Python Snippets -1 (Arithmetic Operators)
 Python Basics (Q & A)
 Python Basics (Q & A) Part-2
 Python Basics - Variables (Q & A)
 Python Basics - Literals (Q & A)
 Python Basics - Augmented Assignment Operators
 Python Basics - String Manipulation (Part-1)
 Python Basics - String Manipulation (Part-2)
 Python Basics - List Manipulation (Part-1) Q & A
 Python Basics - List Manipulation (Part-2) Q & A
 Python Basics - Numpy Arrays (Part - 1) Q & A
 Python Basics - Numpy Arrays (Part-2) Q & A

Scatter Plot using Matplotlib