BCA Study Material, Test Papers and MCQs.


Semester 1

1. Mathematics-I

Differential Equations (Maxima and Minima) - Q & A

2. Technical Communication

The aim of Technical Communication is to understand the correct use of the English Language and improve the Communication Skills of the students. The syllabus covers the following topics: Concepts and Fundamentals, Written Communication, Oral Communication, Soft Skills and Language Skills.

7 C's of Effective Communication
Elements of a Business Letter
Business Communication Question Bank (Set-1)
Business Organization & Management (Question Bank-1)
Knowledge Management and New Economy
Macro Functions of Communication
Who is The Audience?
Attributes of Spoken and Written Communication

3. Introduction to Programming Language Using 'C'

C-Programming: Important Questions Asked in BCA Sem 1 Examination
C Programs - Snippets - 1
C Programs - Snippets - 2
C Programs - Snippets - 3

4. Introduction to Computers & IT

Fundamentals of IT
Principles Of Information Technology
What is Cloud Computing?
FIT - End Term Question Paper (2013)
Types of Computers
Generations Of Computers
Useful Linux Commands

5. Physics

Physics Question Bank for BCA Paper (109)
Physics End Term Paper (2013)
Forms of Energy (Q & A)
Types of Vectors
Force and Laws Of Motion (What is Inertia?)
Mechanics Related Problems Asked in End Term Papers
Gravitation - Understanding Mass and Weight
Gravitation - Kepler's Laws
 Nanotechnology That Will Actually Make Your Life Better. 
    Learn how nanotechnology is shaping our future.

Semester 2

1. Mathematics - II

Trees vs Graphs
Types of Set
Maths-II - End Term Question Paper (2015)

2. Principles Of Management

System Approach vs Contingency Approach
Question Paper (2014)
Manager's Roles Suggested By Mintzberg
POM End Term Paper (2015)

3. Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics Question Paper (2014)
Digital Electronics End Term Paper (2015)
Digital Electronics Question Bank

4. Data Structures Using C

Trees vs Graphs
Assignment: Check Sparse Matrix
Data Structures Using C - End Term Paper (2015)
Abstract Data Type (Q & A)
Understanding Algorithm Analysis and Complexity
Data Structure Notes (Part 1) - Trees
Data Structures Notes (Part 2) - Trees
Data Structures Notes (Part 3) - Trees
Data Structure Notes )Part 5) - Heap and Its Implementation
Data Structures Using C - End Term Paper (2017)
Stack, Queues, Lists - Question Bank (Set 1)

5. Database Management System

Question Bank (Set-1)
DBMS End Term Exam Paper (2014)
DBMS (Introduction Q & A)
DBMS (Acronyms DSL, DCL, DML) Q & A
DBMS End Term Exam Paper (2015)
Database Concepts (Important Terms)

Semester 3

1. Mathematics- III

2. Computer Architecture

Basic Structure Of Computers (Q &A) 
Question Paper Set-1 (2014)
Question Paper (2015)
Questions & Answers from Prev Exam Papers  

3. Front End Design Tool VB.NET

VB.NET Sample Question Paper (2012)

4. Principles of Accounting

Accounting Fundamentals (Set-1)
Principles of Accounting (Q & A) -1

5. Object-Oriented Programming Using C++

Question Bank on C++
Worksheet on C++
Q & A on Exception Handling
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-1)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-2)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-3)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-4)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-5) 
Computer Fundamentals (MCQs)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-6)
Structured Programming vs Object-Oriented Programming

Semester 4

1. Mathematics -IV

Maths End Term Paper (2017)

2. Web Technologies

Short Q and A on HTML
Web Technologies Q Paper (2015)
Web Technologies Q Paper (2017)
Chapter1: An Introduction to Javascript
Chapter 2: Javascript Basics (Q & A)
Web Technologies - Unit Test Paper (2016)

3. Java Programming

End Term Question Paper (2015)
End Term Question Paper (2016)

 Java GUI Programming - Part-3 (Q & A)
 Java - Basics Of Object Oriented Programming (Q & A)
 Java - Inheritance (Q & A)

4. Software Engineering

Software engineering is an engineering discipline, which is concerned with all aspects of software production from the early stages of system specification through to maintaining the software.
Here are the question papers, and study notes available on SE:
SW Engineering Question Bank (Set-1)
Information System and Applications Development (Set-1)
SW Engineering Question Paper (2014)
SW Engineering End Term Paper (2016)
SW Engineering End Term Paper (2017)
Software Configuration Management (Basic Terms)
Software Metrics (Study Notes)
Software Cost Estimation
Risks Associated With Software Development
Black Box vs White Box Testing

5. Computer Networks

Computer Networks - Question Bank (Set-1)
Circuit Switching vs Datagram vs Virtual Circuit
Baseband vs Broadband Transmission
Computer Networks (MCQs)
Important Network Protocols (Abbreviations)

Semester 5

1. Operating System

OS Question Bank (Set-1)
End Term Examination paper (2014)
OS Notes (Q & A on Deadlocks and Threats)
OS Notes (Fragmentation, Thrashing and Other Q & A)
Useful Linux Commands
Operating Systems - Short Questions and Answers

2. Computer Graphics

Question Bank on Computer Graphics
End Term Examination Paper (2014)
End Term Exam Paper 2014 - Answers
End Term Exam Paper - 2014 - Answers - 1
End Term Exam Paper - 2014 - Answers - 2
Parallel Projections vs Perspective Projections
Numericals on Transformations
Hidden Surface Removal Method
End Term Examination Paper (2015)
Raster Scan vs Random Scan

3. E-Commerce

E-commerce End Term Examination (2014)
Business Process Re-Engineering Phases
E-commerce End Term Q Paper (2015)
What is SSL?
E-Business ( Q & A Part-1) Study Notes

Understanding Bitcoin

4. Software Testing

SW Testing Question Bank-1
SW Testing End Term Examination Paper (2014)
Challenges in testing Internet Applications
SW Testing End Term Exam Paper (2015)
Error, Fault/Defect, Failure and Incident (Terminology)
Software Testing Terms and Artefacts
10 Test Websites That Can Pay You Up to ₹50000 Per Month

5. Web-based Programming Using PHP

Internet Programming Q Paper
End Term Question Paper (2013)
Simple PHP File Handling Script
Web-Based Programming End Term Paper (2015)
Chapter 1: Introduction To PHP
Chapter 2: Introduction to PHP Programming and PHP Variables
PHP File Handling - Reading A Text File
Chapter1: An Introduction to Javascript

6. Business Economics

Business Economics Question Bank (Set-1)
Business Economics - Factors affecting National Income

Semester 6

1. Data Ware Housing & Data Mining

Data Ware Housing & Data Mining Q Paper (2015)
Data Ware Housing & Data Mining Solved Q Paper (2015)
DWDM End Term Paper (2016)
DWDM End Term Paper (2016 - Solved)
Data Ware Housing 2nd Minor Test Paper (2017)
DWDM End Term Paper (2017)

2. Mobile Computing

Question Bank-1
Limitations Of Mobile Computing
Mobile Computing End Term Q Paper (2015)
Mobile Computing (Q & A) 
Mobile Computing End Term Paper (2016)
Mob. Comp. End Term Paper (2017)

3. Linux Environment

Unix and Shell Programming (Questions)
Linux Environment Question Bank-1

Linux Fundamentals (Q & A)
Linux Boot Sequence
Understanding Runlevels
Salient Features of Linux OS
Linux Distros
Linux vs Unix
Linux Environment Minor Test Paper
Linux Partition (Q & A)
Linux Env End Term Paper (2014)
Linux Env - End Term Paper (2015)
Linux Env - End Term Paper (2016)
Linux Env - End Term Paper (2017)
Useful Linux Commands

4. Network Programming

5. Artificial Intelligence

AI Question Bank-1
AI End Term Q Paper (2014)
General Purpose Machine Algorithms - A Summary
AI End Term Question Paper (2018) 

6. Multimedia & Its Applications

Macintosh vs Windows
Multimedia and Its Apps - End Term Paper (2015)
Multimedia and Its Apps - Minor Test Paper (Feb 2017)
MM and Its Application - End Term Paper (2016)
MM and Its Applications - Enter Paper (2017)


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Python Basics

 Python Programming Basics (MCQs) - YouTube Video
 Python Snippets -1 (Arithmetic Operators)
 Python Basics (Q & A)
 Python Basics (Q & A) Part-2
 Python Basics - Variables (Q & A)
 Python Basics - Literals (Q & A)
 Python Basics - Augmented Assignment Operators
 Python Basics - String Manipulation (Part-1)
 Python Basics - String Manipulation (Part-2)
 Python Basics - List Manipulation (Part-1) Q & A
 Python Basics - List Manipulation (Part-2) Q & A
 Python Basics - Numpy Arrays (Part - 1) Q & A
 Python Basics - Numpy Arrays (Part-2) Q & A