BBA Study Material, Test Papers and MCQs.


Semester 1

1. Principles Of Management

POM End Term Paper (2015-16)

2. Business Economics - I

   BE1 - End Term Paper (2015-16)
   What is a Black Swan Event?
   Economies of the Petroleum Industry

3. Business Mathematics

     BM End Term Paper (2015-16)

4. Introduction To IT

    I2T End Term Paper (2015-16)

5. Financial Accounting 

FA End Term Paper (2015-16)

6. Personality Development & Communication Skills-I

PDCS- End Term Paper (2015-16)
Macro Functions of Communication
Who Is The Audience?
Attributes of Spoken and Written Communication

Semester 2

1. Business Organization

B.O. End Term paper (2015)

2. Business Economics - II

    Understanding Bitcoin

3. Qualitative Techniques & Operations Research in Management

End Term Exam Paper (2015)
What is Operations Research?
Different OR Models
Linear Programming - Formulation Technique (Q & A)
Linear Programming - Finding Graphical Solution
Costs Associated with Inventory Problems
Why inventory is maintained?
Variables in Inventory Problems
What is an average inventory?
Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) in Inventory Model 
Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) in Inventory Model - Graphical Method
Understanding Queueing Model
Classification of Inventory

4. DataBase Management System

End Term Examination Paper (2015)
DBMS (Introduction Q & A)
DBMS (Acronyms DSL, DCL, DML) Q & A

5. Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting (End Term Paper 2015)
Cost Accounting & Its Objectives

6. Personality Development & Communication Skills-II

PDCS-II - End Term Examination Paper (2015)
PDCS-II - End Term Paper (2016)

Semester 3

1. Management Accounting

End Term Examination Q Paper (2015)
Management Accounting End Term Paper (2012-13)

2. Organization Behaviour

End Term Examination Question Paper (2015)
End Term Examination Question Paper (2014)
OB End Term Paper (2013)
End Term Examination Question Paper (2009)

3. Indian Economy

End Term Examination Question Paper (2015)
End Term Question Paper (2014-15)

4. Marketing Management

MM End Term Paper (2015-16)
Marketing Concept and Pillars of Marketing
Culture Dynamics in Marketing
Rural Marketing and Its Salient Features
Stages of New Product Development
Marketing Management: Undifferentiated Marketing vs Concentrated Marketing vs Differentiated Marketing

Semester 4

1. Human Resource Management

HRM End TErm Q Paper (2015)
Social Security Measures and Benefits For Industry Workers in India 
HRM Role and Occupational Health and Safety
Performance Appraisal (Q & A)

2. Business Environment

Business Environment End Term Paper (2015)
Ethical Principles A Business Should Follow

3. Marketing Research

MR End Term Paper (2015)
MR End Term Paper (2016)

4. Computer Application-II

Computer Applications - End Term Paper (2015)
HTML Widely Used Tags

5. Business Laws

Business Laws - End Term Paper (May-June 2015)

6. Taxation Laws

Taxation Laws - End Term Paper (2015)

Semester 5

1. Values & Ethics in Business

VE - End Term Paper (2015-2016)

2. Marketing Management - II

3. Production & Operations Management

    End Term Examination Paper (2015)
    POM End Term Exam Paper (2018)
    Costs Associated with Inventory Problems
    Why inventory is maintained?
    Classification of Inventory

4. Management Information System

    MIS End Term Paper (2015-16)
    Information Rights and Digital Security

5. Financial Management

    Fin. Management Numerical Problems and Solutions
    What is a Black Swan Event?

Semester 6

1. Business Policy & Strategy

BPS End Term Paper (2015)

2. Project Planning & Evaluation

PPE End Term Paper (2015)

3. Entrepreneurship Development

ED End Term Paper (2015)

4. International Business Management

IBM End Term Paper (2015)

5. Environmental Science

    EVS End Term Paper (2015)
    EVS End Term Paper (2018)