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Parts of Speech Online Quiz
Nouns Online Quiz 
Pronouns Online Quiz
Nouns Quiz on Animals and Birds Cries  or  (Online Quiz)
Plurals with Different Meanings
Comparative Idioms
Colours in Idioms
Numbers in Idioms
Jumbled Up Sentences (Set-1)
Jumbled Up sentences (Set-2)
Jumbled Up Sentences (Set-3)

English Grammar (Quiz on Verbs and Tenses)
Online Quiz on Tenses 
Tenses Worksheet
English Reading Comprehension (Set-1)
English Reading Comprehension (Set-2)
English Reading Comprehension(Set-3)
Reading Comprehension(Set-4)
Reading Comprehension (Set-5)
Reading Comprehension (Set-6)
Reading Comprehension (Set-7)
Reading Comprehension (set-10)
Reading Comprehension (Set-11)
Reading Comprehension (Set-12)
Reading Comprehension (Set-13)
Reading Comprehension (Set-14) (Easy Level)
Reading Comprehension(Set-14a)(Tough Level)
Reading Comprehension (Set-15)

Reading Comprehension (Unseen Poem)-2
Reading Comprehension (Unseen Poem)-3
Reading Comprehension  (Unseen Poem)-4
Reading Comprehension (Unseen Poem)-6

English Paragraphs (Set-1)
English Paragraphs (Set-2)
Grammar Quiz (Nouns) 
Synonyms (Quiz)
Antonyms(Quiz) or Online Quiz
Nouns That Exist In Plural Form
Antonyms Quiz-2

Editing Exercise-1
Editing Exercise-2
Editing Exercise - 3
Editing Exercise - 4
Editing Exercise - 5
Editing Exercise - 6
One Word Substitution-1
One Word Substitution-2
One Word Substitution (List of 20 Words) or Play Quiz

Dialogue Completion Exercise -1

Dialogue Completion Exercise -2

Conjunctions (Worksheet)
Headlines (Verb Forms) 
Articles (Worksheet-solved) or Online Quiz on Articles
Articles (Common Errors)
Reported Speech

Active/Passive Voice
1 Hour Quick Revision of Active Voice -Passive Voice

Online Quiz on Adjectives
Unseen Passage with MCQs
Tenses (Questions from CBSE Exam)
Message Writing
Notice Writing
Formal Letters

My Aim in Life (Essay)

Cloze Test and Error Correction
Cloze Test
Cloze Test-2
Cloze Test-3

Cloze Test - 4

Cloze Test (Part-2)
Gap Filling Exercise (Cloze Test) Set-5

English Grammar Quiz
Kinds of Sentences (Part 1)
Sentence Correction - Subject-Verb Agreement
Sentence Correction Worksheet - 1

Forms of Prepositions

Types of Prepositions
Phrasal Prepositions
Prepositions Practice Sheet
Prepositions (Worksheet)
Pronouns (Worksheet)
Transitive vs Intransitive Verbs

10 Foreign Words That You Must Know
Confusing Sentences
Commonly Misspelt Words
Commonly Used Latin Phrases
13 Fun Facts about English Words
Common Errors In English Usage
Sentence Correction (Prepositional Errors)
Common Errors in Adjectives
Common Errors in Adverbs
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives (Worksheet)

English (Comm.) Workbook Unit 1 - Verb Forms
English (Comm.) Integrative Grammar Practice 1 

English (Comm.) workbook Unit 2 - Determiners
Rules for Determiners

English (Comm.) Integrative Grammar Practice 2
English (Comm.) workbook Unit 3 - Future Time Reference
English (Comm.) Integrative Grammar Practice 3
English (Comm.) workbook Unit 4 - Modals
English (Comm.) workbook Unit 5 - Connectors
English (Comm.) Workbook Unit 6 - The Passive 
English (Comm.) Integrative Grammar Practice 4
English (Comm.) Integrative Grammar Practice 5
English (Comm.) Integrative Grammar Practice 6
English (Comm.) Integrative Grammar Practice 7
English (Comm.) workbook Unit 8 - Prepositions
CBSE Proficiency Test Paper 2012 (English -Vocabulary) Solution