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E-Commerce (BCA-305) - Question Bank (Set 1) - BCA Semester-5 #GGSIPU #BCAQuestionPapers #ipumusings

E-Commerce (BCA-305) - Question Bank (Set 1) Short Notes Questions asked in Previous Examinations1. Relationship between E-Commerce and E-Business2. E-Cash3. Payment Gateway4. Characteristi

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Important Network Protocols Abbreviations (#ipumusings)(#ComputerNetworks)(#eduvictors)

Important Network Protocols AbbreviationsFTP- File transfer protocol HTTP - Hypertext transfer protocol HTTPS- Hypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layer APIPA- Automat

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MBA/BBA/MCA/BCA - E-Business - Study Notes - (Part -1) (#ebusiness)(#mcanotes)(#bcanotes)(#bbanotes)(#ipumusings)

MBA/BBA/MCA/BCA - E-Business - Study Notes - (Part -1) Q1: What is E-Business? Answer: E-Business (Electronic Business) is using technology to improve your business processes. Th

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Operating Systems (Short Questions and Answers)(#mcanotes)(#csenotes)(#bcanotes)#ipumusings

Operating Systems (Short Questions and Answers)Q1: Define Operating System?Answer: An Operating System is a program that controls the execution of application programs and acts as an interface between

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10 Test Websites That Can Pay You Up to ₹50000 Per Month (#ipumusings)(#earnwhileyoulearn)(#webtesting)

10 Test Websites That Can Pay You Up to ₹50000 Per Month As a student you may not have enough pocket money. Often by the end of month your pockets are empty. As a side hustle- you can mak

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