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CBSE Class 12: Business Studies - CH4: Planning (V Short Q and A)

Planning V Short Q & A Q1: Define Planning. Answer: Planning in deciding in advance what to do and how to do. Before doing something- the manager always formulates an idea of how to work o

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Class 12 - Business Studies - CH3: Business Environment (Short Q and A)

Business Environment Very Short Q & A Dimensions of Business Environment Q1: Define Business Environment Answer: The totality of all individuals- institutions and other forces that ar

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CBSE Class 12- Business Studies - CH2 - Principles Of Management Very Short Q and A

Principles Of Management Short Q & A F Taylor - who proposed scientific management theorycredits: wiki Q1: What is meant by Management principles? Answer: Management principles are broad an

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CBSE Class 12 - Business Studies - CH1 - Nature and Significance of Management (V. Short Q-A)

Nature and Significance of Management Very Short Q & A Q1: Define the term 'Management'. Answer: Management is the function of getting things done through people and directing t

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