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class 10 - English - Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Assassination of Julius Caesar credits:wikicommons Q1: Describe the role of mob in the play Julius Caesar Answer: No doubt citizens of Rome played a crucial role in the p

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Class 10 - English Workbook - Unit 14 - Prepositions

Answer 2b: at one particular time/ particular times in that period - during for the entire period - throughtout Answer 3: Underline prepositions from A.1 and circle the time period they are referr

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Jumbled Up sentences (Set-1)

Jumbled Up sentences (Set-1) Rearrange the following jumbled up sentences into meaningful ones. (taken from exam papers) 1. so / to / itchy / is / that / I / wait / My / off. / uniform / can�

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CBSE Class 10 - English Workbook Solutions (Unit 12 Active Passive)

CBSE Class 10 - English Workbook Solutions 2011 (Unit 12 - Active and Passive) Answer 1: 1. are employed (passive) 2. Did anybody/somebody clean 3. is covered 4. are locked 5. was sent- arrive

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English Reading Comprehension (Set-1) #class10English #eduvictors

Reading Comprehension (Set-1) Q.1 Read the given passage carefully: &nb

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